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Pike Island Locks & Dam: Images of Push-boat MV 'Michael T Somales' with Unit-tow of Coal Barges

Updated: Sep 23, 2022

MV “Michael T Somales” (Official Number 922485)

Twin Screw Push-boat, built in 1987 by Superior Boat Works, Greenville, MS.

120 x 32 CAT 3512B Diesels, re-powered in 2005, 3000 HP,

CAT red. 7.01:1. Kort nozzles.

Originally, MV “Wanda B”, renamed MV “Tom Hoffman” in June 2010; present name since December 2014 by Consolidation Coal Co; leased to Twin Rivers Towing Co., operated by Consol Energy, (since October 2013, Murray American River Towing Inc., Monessen, PA.)

Seen here sailing upstream via the Pike Island Locks & Dam at Wheeling, WV. on Ohio River (appr. 84 miles downstream from Pittsburgh, PA), with a unit-tow of coal barges (15 barges). More on the Pike Island Locks & Dam from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers website can be found here.

Located at River Mile 84-2 on Ohio River, on Ohio and West Virginia border, with Locks located at Left Descending River Bank (LDB), with 21ft Lock Lift / Drop, with Pool Elevation of 644 ft (location above sea level) and Pool Length of 29.9 miles. Construction completed in 1963. Two locks, primary Lock is 1,100 ft long by 110 ft wide, and secondary Lock is 600 ft long x 110 ft wide.

More (and higher resolution) images can be found at Karatzas Images.


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