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Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD) for Sale

This Jones Act-qualified Trailing Suction Hopper Dredge (TSHD) has been offered exclusively for sale in the international dredging market.  Sellers undertake to assist Buyers with all documentation to transfer the Vessel out of the United States flag.

The Vessel has a proven record of dredging in the United States and overseas, and it has been in active operation until November 2022.  Vessel presently in storage in the U.S. Gulf region, awaiting main engine repairs.

Sellers considering selling the Vessel on "as is, where is" basis with engine repairs pending, with a tantamount deduction from the sale price.  We are holding full assessment and estimates of repairs in the US (which likely to cost less overseas).


[Port Main Engine suffered a seized piston on the Right Side #5 cylinder that broke the connecting Rod. Starboard main engine remains fully operational and remains available for maneuvering.]


The Vessel has current all its documentation with the United States Coast Guard (USCG) and also with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS), pending engine repairs. Next Special Survey and Dry-dock (SSDD) is due in September 2024.

Ideal for maintenance dredging, with its generous technical specifications, this Vessel can be employed for routine dredging of ports, riverways and navigable waterways globally.

Please email us or call us to discuss your interest!

TSHD Principal Characteristics


Length: 96.2 m (315.6')

Breadth: 20.7 m (68.4')
Depth: 7.4 m (24.2')

Gross Tonnage: 5922 GT ITC (5714 NRT)
Net Tonnage: 1776 NT ITC (3837 NRT)

Class: ABS ✠ A1,Dredging Service, Ⓔ, ✠ AMS,  ✠ ACCU

Registry: United States of America; Hailing Port: New York

Built: Litton Avondale Industries, USA, (1981)


  • Hopper Capacity: appr. 4,900 m3 ( 6,400 yd3)   

  • Nominal Digging Depth: 21.3+ m (70'+)  

  • Suction Diameter: 2 @ 851 mm (2 @ 33.5'')   

  • Discharge Diameter: 851 mm (33.5'')   

  • Dumping System: Split Hull


Dredge Pump Power: 2,800 hp  (2,088 kW)
Total Installed Power: 15,206 hp (11,344 kW)

PORT & STBD Engine: Maker: ALCO ENGINE INC.(DIVISION OF WHITE INDUSTRIAL POWER INC.), w/ Maximum Continuous Rating: 2782.58 KW

PORT & STBD Aux Generators: Rated Power 750 kW



  • Certificate of Documentation (COD), USCG, expiring March 2023

  • Certificate of Inspection (COI), USCG, expiring March 2026

  • Coastwise Load Line Certificate (ABS), expiring April 2026

  • International Load Line Certificate (ABS), expiring April 2026

  • Cargo Ship Construction Safety Certificate (ABS), expiring April 2026

  • Class Certificate (ABS), expiring April 2026

  • Continuous Synopsis Record (CSR)

All Details Approximate, and Offered without guarrantee for accuracy or completeness

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