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Image Gallery from the Corinth Canal (Dredging, Landslide, Transit)

From a recent trip to the Saronic Gulf, taking pictures of dredging and preparing to open the Corinth Canal to commercial navigation in 2022 after extensive recent landslides

The Corinth Canal is a ninety-minute drive from Athens; the Canal itself, the Melagavi (Heraion) Lighthouse at Loutraki, the several tourist resorts in the area and also the several archeological museums and ruins from antiquity (Acropolis of Corinth), it's always a great quick excursion when in Athens.

In a previous posting on the Corinth Canal, we provided a quick historical background of the Canal construction. Please click here for the article.

In a different blog, we posted extensively picture of the Melagavi (Heraion) Lighthouse at Loutraki, Corinthia.

Herebelow we post pictures from the area around the Corinth Canal, including of pictures from dredging the canal and racing to have the Canal opened to commercial navigation later in 2022. The geology of the region is defined by porous stone and sandstone, and landslides are known to happen from time to time, ever since the Canal was opened in 1882. However, the recent landslides in 2021 have been extensive, and during the COVID pandemic all works have been delayed. The present target is to have the Corinth Canal to be opened in the fall of 2022.

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