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Barge and Pusher Tug Images from the Ohio River

Having the opportunity to be on the Ohio River recently on business, it has been a great opportunity to take pictures of open hopper jumbo barges getting pushed downstream on the Ohio River, laden with coking coal to feed the power plants.

Some may wish that such pictures may have historic value as in the next decade coal power generation likely to be extinct...

Push boats shown:

MS “Daytona” (ex-name MS “Stacy Lynn”, Official No 560090)—Twin screw pushboat, built in 1974 by Halter Marine Services, Lockport, LA. 140 x 38 GM 2-645E5B Diesels, re-powered in 1978, 4600HP Reinjets red 4:1. Kort nozzles. Originally named MS “Gopher State”, owned by Midwest Towing Co, Minneapolis. Sold in April 1978, renamed by Scott Chotin Inc., Mandeville, LA. Sold in April 1992 to Chotin Carriers, Inc., Baton Rouge. Sold in January 1995 to Brent Transportation Corp, Greenville. Transferred in January 1998 to Kirby Inland marine LP, Houston, TX.

MS “Jackie Englert” (Official No 1223297)—Twin screw pushboat built in 2009 by Eastern Shipbuilding Group Inc, Panama City. FL. 140 x 34 EMD 8-710 Diesels 4000HP Falk red. 4.042:1. Owned by Crounse Corp, Paducah, KY.

MS “Ms Nicole” (Official No 567911)—Twin screw pushboat, built in 1975 by Modern Marine Power Inc., Houma, LA. 110 x 35 CAT 3512C II Diesels 3300HP. Twin disc red. 6.56:1. Originally named MS “Ricky James” operated by Thibodeaux Marine Service, Lafayette, LA. Sold in March 1977, renamed MS “Capt. John H Palmer” by Palmer Barge Line Inc, Nederland, TX. Renamed MS "R. L. Shipley”, September 1986 when operated by Big Oak Towing Co, Jena, LA. Sold in 1989, renamed MS “Clay Griffin” by Coastal Towing Inc. Houston, TX. Sold in November 2002, renamed MS “Henry Soudelier” in Oct 2003 by Kirby Inland Marine Inc, Houston, TX. Sold in March 2004, renamed MS “Mike Kennelly” by Florida Marine. Sold in February 2011 to M&B Pushboat LLC, Seabrook, TX. Renamed in December 2011, when returned to Florida Marine Transporters Inc, Mandeville, LA.


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