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Shipping Finance 2019 Conference, A "Must-attend" Event

Delighted to report that the Shipping Finance 2019 Conference co-organized by Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co. has been a a great success!

Attended by more than 500 shipping executives and decision makers from all around the world, the conference has been a high watermark for future shipping conferences held in Athens and internationally.

A profound "Thank you" to all the speakers, sponsors, exhibitors, vendors, attendees and delegates who have made this conference a great success! Delighted seeing friends and delegates from as far as Mexico and Japan, Denmark, Norway, Russia, Switzerland and the United States. Delighted seeing major shipowners in attendance, and specifically to Mr George Procopiou, Founder of the Dynacom / Dynagas / Seatradres shipping companies and the very insightful discussion granted on-stage to Mr Costas Paris of The Wall Street Journal.

Along with Slide2Open for their exceptional work of co-organizing the Event, we are profoundly proud that this has been another greatly successful undertaking of Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co., as part of their customer-driven, value-adding services for shipping finance, ship brokerage, vessel valuation and ship appraisals, judicial sales and liquidation trustee services.

Proceedings of the Conference along with presentations, speeches, discussions, downloads, videos, sponsor information, etc can be found on the Conference website at Slide2Open Karatzas Shipping Finance 2019!

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