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Announcements and Updates for the Sale of

Thirty-five (35) Jumbo Open Hopper Barges, built at Trinity



2. January 4th, 2021

Advertisement from The WaterWays Journal


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3. January 13th, 2021

Announcement: The deadline for submitting offers for this auction sale has been extended to January 29th, 2021  to allow for more physical inspections of the barges as requested,  and evaluation of all information available

Karatzas Auctions Hopper Barge in Maritime Executive
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7. February 21st, 2021

ALL BARGES SOLD!  Pleased to announce that all 35 barges have been sold at a price substantially above the reserve price, and  already have been smoothly delivered to the new Buyer! 

We wish to thank the Sellers for entrusting Karatzas Auctions with their exclusive mandate, and the Buyers for their sharing with us their strong faith in the barge market and for their impeccable performance!


We wish "Fair Winds and Calm Seas" to the Barges, and many profitable returns to their new Owners!

And, once again, delighted that Karatzas Marine Advisors & Co has successfully exceeded Clients' expectations.

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