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2019 & 2020 Delivery, 2000 HP Tier III, SupChapter M Fully-compliant        


  • Twin-Propeller Towboat(s), built in 2019 and 2020, either for individual or en bloc consideration

  • Three-deck air-conditioned accommodations for crew of seven in four staterooms with two baths and two showers

  • Designed by Entech & Associates

  • Built by Hope Services Shipyard

  • 78 by 34 by 10 ft with a draft of 8 feet, 2 inches; pilothouse eye level of 29 feet

  • 2,000 HP by pair of Tier 3 Cummins QSK 38M Marine Diesels (Cummins Mid-South)

  • Pilothouse electronics: Package from Wheelhouse Electronics features a Furuno FAR-2127 BB radar with a 19-inch LCD monitor, three VHF radios, a swing meter, sounder and bridge watch. Atop the pilothouse are two Carlisle & Finch Xenon searchlights, one 500-watt model and one 1,000-watt model, and a Kahlenberg duplex airhorn

  • Two 73- by 58-inch stainless steel propellers on 6-inch shafts with Simplex shaft seals

  • Two main and four flanking rudders (accomplished by a fully redundant, electric-over-hydraulic system made by Custom Hydraulic Components)

  • Twin Disc MG5321 reduction gears from Sewart have a 5.96:1 ratio.

  • John Deere generators from Diesel Source (Ship’s service is provided by two 60 kw).

  • Cooling: The engines are cooled by Fernstrum keel coolers.

  • Tankage for 28,000 gallons of fuel, 12,250 gallons of fresh water, 6,700 gallons of potable water, 5,400 gallons of dirty bilge, and 260 gallons each of dirty, hydraulic, lube and gear oil.

  • 48-point vessel alarm system from Eagle Controls. Maritime Safety Solutions furnished the fixed CO2 fire extinguishing system.

  • The three-deck has air-conditioned accommodations for a crew of seven in four staterooms with two baths and two showers. The crews’ quarters, galleys and pilothouse all have fire-resistant paneling and ceilings with sound and vibration damping. There is an exercise room on the main deck.

  • Two 40-ton Nabrico winches

  • Tow knees and hull are protected by fenders from Schuyler Maritime

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